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Kim Hyun Joong Finds His Doppelganger in New Boy Group


Rookie boy group A-JAX is attracting attention for having a member who resembles Kim Hyun Joong. Earlier today, A-JAX uploaded a photo of its member Jae Hyung with the Prince of Asia on its official Facebook account, proving their resemblance. (more…)


SS501 Korea Boy Band

SS501 (pronounced as Double-S 501 or Deo Beul E Seu Oh Gong Il) is a South Korean boyband. SS501 debuted in 8 June 2005 with their first single “경고” (“Warning”), with a second single “Snow Prince” released in late 2005. (more…)

Kim Hyun Joong SS501

Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) is a South Korean male singer, actor and leader of Korea boyband SS501. Kim Hyun Joong is the leader and the oldest of the boy band.

Park Jung Min SS501

Park Jung Min (박정민) is the low vocalist of Korea Boy Band SS501. Park Jung Min was also a DJ for “Youngstreet” along with fellow group member Kim Kyu Jong. He was chosen as the lead actor in a musical. (more…)

ss501 Kim Hyung Joon

Kim Hyung Joon is the youngest member of Korea Boy Band SS501. His brother Kim Ki Bum is a member of boyband U-Kiss. Take a notice, please don’t be confused with Kim Hyun Joong, the leader of SS501. (more…)