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Kim Hyung Joon Press Conference "Fans Were Angry at My Bed Scene"

On February 2 Kim Hyung Joon appeared on a “Glowing She” press conference. There he talked about the infamous bed scene. He stated, “For the first episode that was broadcast I had a bed scene. Fans said, ‘That was too racy,’ ‘How could you?’ and got angry with me.” (more…)

Kim Hyun Joong Unleashes Japanese MV for "Lucky Guy"


After revealing the teaser for the Japanese version of “Lucky Guy,” Kim Hyun Joong finally released the full music video.

Once again, Kim Hyun Joong tries to impress the girl and win her heart. As opposed to the Korean music video, he tries to win her over with his dancing skills and not with his extravagant lifestyle. At the end of the Korean version he falls into a trap set by the girl, actress Hong Soo Hyun. (more…)

SS501 Kim Hyung Joon Cast for “I Love You”


Kim Hyung Joon was cast for “I Love You” which will begin its broadcast in April on the cable channel TV SBS Plus. This will be Kim Hyung Joon’s second time acting. He will play the character “Yoon Chae” who will be a “public interest” worker. (more…)

The Average Weight of Boy Groups


Kim Hyung Jun's Japanese Tour "KIMHYUNGJUN 2012 1st Story in Japan"


SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun had a “Summer Festival” Japanese tour concert in August 2011. This year Kim Hyung Jun will leave for Japan on March 28 for his next Japanese exclusive tour concert. This tour is titled “KIMHYUNGJUN 2012 1st Story in Japan.” (more…)