About Me

Born in Cirebon. Childhood and until now still living in Cirebon. School in Kindergarten BPK Penabur. in Santa Maria from elementary, junior high school and now want to continue in the Santa Maria as well. Asked if I’m bored or not, may already know the answer. Really bored.
now I’m sitting in third grade junior high school (or more style, class 9), in grade 9 I was busy with exams .. Test of the Country on 23 April 2012, before the State Exam, a lot Try Out, there are schools and Exam Practice Exam as well.
Have 2 brothers, no sisters (or youngest). Have a father and a mother. Have uncle and aunt, and have cousins. Have a friend and comrade. Have a boyfriend. And hopefully do not have any enemies.

A dreamer. Loads have dreams and aspirations. Got a lot of desire. Got a lot of wishful thinking. when I was small, tough fitting a doctor can heal people, I also want to be a doctor if i grow up. When I was in elementary school, my dream was changed, I want to be famous basketball players like Michael Jordan. And now that I was in junior high school my dream was changed again, when I grow up I want to be a successful career woman.

I loved basketball, but other than basketball I can dance. play the drums n guitar is also a hobby of mine at a time when leisure time. I am not easily discouraged people, I always wanted to give the best for God and mom.

and the conclusion is:

that whatever I have in this life is all because of God’s love and grace
and I will always try to develop the talent that I have just for the glory of God
Always the spirit and learn to give thanks in every case


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