SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon Loving the “Genius” Title

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Kim Hyung Joon
SS501's Kim Hyung Joon Loving the "Genius" Title


At the press conference of upcoming drama SBS Plus “I Love You,” SS501‘s Kim Hyung Joon talked about his role as a computer genius. Kim Hyung Joon plays the role of Jung Min Chae, a genius computer programer who graduated from Seoul National University

Kim Hyung Joon said, “I love the ‘genius’ title. I know it’s nearly impossible for me to be called a genius in real life. I was worried about this role at first, as Jung Min Chae has everything going for him, but as I practiced and got into the character, I felt more intrigued by him and now I love my role.” He added that he was only an ordinary student in real life, not failing, but not excelling at any particular subject either.

This is Kim Hyung Joon’s second time acting. He started his acting career with “Glowing She” in January. He stated, “I was more nervous than the first time. I contemplated and studied a lot for this role. I want to show a completely different and new side of me as an actor through ‘I Love You.'”

“I Love You” will portray heartwarming love stories of four socially marginalized elderly individuals in the twilight years of their lives as well as lively youthful love of younger generation. “I Love You” is based on the webtoon with the same title, drawn by Kang Full. The webtoon was previously made into a movie and drew much attention. Actor Lee Soon Jae, who was also featured in the movie version of “I Love You,” will play the same role in the drama. Actress Kim Yoon Suh will also be in the drama with Kim Hyung Joon, bringing in the young love component to the show.


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