Kim Kyu Jong SS501 Center Vocal Profile

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Kim Kyu Jong, SS501

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

Kim Kyu Jong (김규종) is a member of South Korean boyband SS501.

Kim Kyu Jong is a favourite of the group band. Kyu Jong seems like a humble, shy, sweet type of guy.

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng, and Kim Hyung Joon had an idea before to make a sub unit of SS501. This unit group was initially named “Triple S” but they changed it back to “SS501”

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

Kim Kyu Jong Profile
Name : Kim Kyu Jong
Korean: 김규종, Chinese:金奎鐘
Position: high low vocal
Nickname: Center
Birthdate: 1987/2/24
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood type: A type
Height / Weight: 181 cm / 65kg
Education: All Beijing Normal University affiliated High School (graduate) Baiji University of the Arts Department of Music (studying in)
Family member: Parents, little sister
Hobbies: listening to music, reading, basketball
Talents: Magic
idols: Wu Shijing
ideal girl: someone like idols Wu Shijing, warm hearted
Motto: No regrets, I would like to challenge all!
Notes: Kim Kyu Jong, along with Park Jung Min, were DJs for SBS’s “Youngstreet” radio. He is a member of SS501 sub unit. He left the show God of Cookery Expedition for a month in May to prepare for his own solo single album and rejoin the team recently.

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

Kim Kyu Jong Career

Kim Kyu Jong debuted as a member of SS501 on 06 June 2005.

Kim Kyu Jong took over the role of DJ from Heo Young Saeng for SBS radio program ‘SS501’s Youngstreet’ on 21 Aug 2006 as Young Saeng had to undergo a throat surgery and require time to recover. He hosted this program with his fellow member Park Jung Min.

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

Kim Kyu Jong started his acting career with a role in Mnet hip-hop music drama “Break” (11 May 06) showcasing his acting skills and dance skills at the same time while playing the role of a b-boy.

In 2008, due to 2 members’ busy schedules, Jung Min performing in a Korean production of the musical “Grease” and Hyun Joong filming drama “Boys Over Flowers”, SS501’s album which was originally due for release in late 2008, was to be pushed back to July 2009.

Instead, a sub unit of SS501 was formed with Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon. This unit group was initially named “Triple S” but they changed it back to “SS501″, reason being that they are 5 members always as 1. The unit group released a special project album “U R Man” (released on November 25, 2008).

Finishing their promotional activities for “U R Man”, they continued their activities to promote “내 머리가 나빠서 (Because I am stupid)”, a song they sang for the OST of “Boys Before Flowers”. This song is very well-received due to the success of the drama. They won the “Song of the month (Feb)” award with this song at the 32nd Cyworld Digital Music Awards (28 Mar 09) with about 110,000 downloads for BGM at

Kim Kyu Jong joined as one of the regular host for MBC Every1 “God Of Cookery Expedition” since 21 Nov 08.

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

Kim Kyu Jong is a mama’s boy

SS501 has been quite a lot of shows this week including SBS Quiz! Sixth Sense which airs tomorrow. On the show, Kim Kyu Jong stated that he wouldn’t marry someone his parents disapproved of.

He said, “I won’t marry someone if my parents don’t allow it. My parents’ marriage was disapproved of but now they’re happy. But for me, I love my parents so I don’t think I could marry someone if my parents strongly say no.”

This is the first time I’ve heard that kind of answer from someone. Usually, people stand up for their love but I guess Kyu Joong is not capable of giving it his all for his lucky lady.

Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min disagreed with the mama’s boy and said they would still marry the girl even if their parents didn’t want them to.

Kim Kyu Jong fist kiss scene

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong accomplished his first serious acting role in a web drama called SETI. The first episode aired and in 5 days, it has had 700,000 views. It seems like the show will be a runaway success.

The drama was originally a successful comic series by Yoon Tae Ho and exceeded standards that was built up after his first hit, Ikki.

On the 6th, you got to see the first episode of SETI online which included the comic and web drama version which is a refreshingly new style compared to the norm. The drama started a few days ago but the long awaited success only came recently.

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

In the drama, Kim Kyu Jong had to kiss Seo Hyo Rim (female Music Bank host) on the cheek. It was noted that he needed many takes to get it right.

An episode of SETI will air every Tuesday and Friday and in total there are 16 episodes.

Kim Kyu Jong will also keep himself busy with SS501’s new mini-album, “REBIRTH,” which will hit stores on the 20th. Watch the first episode of SETI below.

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

Kim Kyu Kong Discography
Hikari (光) (‘Kokoro’ August 2007)
Never Let You Go (‘U R Man’ November 2008)
Wuss Up (SS501 Solo Collection June 2009)

Break (Mnet, 2006)
Variety Show
God of Cookery Expedition (MBC Every1, 21 Nov 2008 to 01 May 2009)

Radio Show
SBS SS501’s Youngstreet (21 Aug 2006)

More Photos of Kim Kyu Kong
ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong

ss501 Kim Kyu Jong


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