GIRLS’ GENERATION’s French Press Conference in Paris

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Is MUSIC BANK your unique show in Europe?
There is already SMTOWN WORLD TOUR that’s still continuing. We think we will come back but, for the moment, we only have yesterday’s concert (MUSIC BANK in Paris) and a performance today at Le Grand Journal.

You are the first Korean artist to sign a global contract with a major: UNIVERSAL MUSIC. How do you feel?
Most of the girls:
Actually we are surprised and amazed. It’s true that it is our first contract with UNIVERSAL MUSIC and it is a really great honor for us.

What do you think of your French fans?
Seohyun et Sooyoung : French fans are really passionate. What especially touched us was that the fans supported us in Korean language. We were moved and we would really like to sing a song in French to thank them. Yesterday in Bercy, there were a lot Europeans fans at MUSIC BANK concert. Sometimes , you can see audiences that are not really lively but it was completely different at this MUSIC BANK concert. People were jumping without being asked, it was a really great atmosphere! We also saw the Korean flag.

How long did you need to learn the choreography for The Boys ? How many time do you need to shoot the promotional video? And do you give your opinions to the staff about storyline and directing?
Tiffany and Yuri: The shooting of a promotional movie takes generally 3 to 4 days, but The Boys was specific because we had to do Korean and English versions. That is why the shooting took 6 days. For choreographies, we need 7 to 10 days to learn the steps. We can give our opinions, but we prefer to let the professionals doing their jobs. We think that they are the bests at what they do and it will give better results. If something does not please us, we can react, but we never had a problem and we are very satisfied by what is produced.

What are the plans for the year 2012? Will you keep on promoting your album The Boys, or will you release a new single during summer for example?
: Well, we are working on what we are going to do next, like a full album for the US with all songs in English. Il will probably be available in Europe and in France. It may be released during summer but there is no official date.

Teddy Riley is the producer of your single The Boys. Could you tell us a bit more about the producers of your next international album? Will you have a featuring with a famous international artist?
For the moment, nothing has been determined, but we hope to work with a lot of famous people.

As you are going to release an album with songs in English-only, are you not afraid to leave aside your Korean origins?
Tiffany et Sooyoung:
Not at all. We have never leaved aside our Korean origins as well as our fans. We think that we evolved from a young girls’ style to a young women’s one.
Taeyeon: Our goal was not to leave aside our country or fans, but to progress and improve our skills at a higher level.

Regarding your performance at Le Grand Journal which is a famous TV show in France, I would like to know if you expected to perform at such TV shows (like Late Show with David Letterman in the US) and your feelings regarding this ?
Soo Young:
Our presence in such talk shows are great opportunities for us and we are really happy about it. We had already done a lot of shows in Korea as well as in Japan but thanks to our new album The Boys, we can present it in the US and in Europe and we are really thankful for that. We will do our best!


What did you see and do you like about Paris?
Seohyun: The Château de Versailles. It’s really big so we didn’t have the time to visit everything.
Sooyoung: I really like Notre-Dame de Paris musical. So when I saw the true monument Notre-Dame de Paris, I really felt like reliving the musical and the History that this monument had been through.
Yoona: There is also the Eiffel tower. I have already been there with my parents in my childhood. It was a big impression to contemplate Paris landscape at one glance.

What are you missing the most about Korea?
Tiffany, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, and others agree:

You are the new representatives of Korean culture. Europeans are going to have an interest in your food (cooking), language, etc. Are you proud of your status as the spokesperson of the Korean culture ?
Of course, we are all very proud but, at the same time, it is an important responsibility because some persons are discovering the Korean culture through us and our music. So we are really careful. Through Kpop and our band, we are really happy to represent our country.

You have a really tight and exhausting schedule. How do you keep in shape ?
Most of the girls: What is really difficult is mainly the jet lag. Sometimes, we are like “where are we? which country?”. But we are really thankful to our fans and journalists that come to see us and like us. Therefore we forget our tiredness. Also we get to discover new things, meet new people and perform on different stages, it is rewarding.

T-ara said that they never had holydays. Do you have any holydays sometimes?
Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun et Yuri: Indeed, we work a lot but we also think that having fun is important. So we don’t forget to ask to our label to have some holidays. Even when we are going to foreign countries to work we always try to have some time for ourselves. As we are always together, it’s like a summer camp.
Sooyoung: Even when we are going on holidays we are going together…

Do you have any individual activities?
We are currently very busy with our international activities. For our solo careers, we work in the area we are best at. Some of us are doing musicals, dramas or TV host…

You are a band of nine girls. Do you always agree with each other ? Have you any conflicts between members?
Taeyeon et Sooyoung:
Many people are asking us the same question [laugh]. Indeed, we are nine girls, so sometimes there are nine different opinions which can be a problem. But we always find a solution. We have never come to blows. Some of us know each others for 10 to 13 years, so we know each other pretty well.

Can you have a boyfriend?
Tiffany gave me a man made in chocolate as a birthday present. It comforted me. At least I got my man… a chocolate one.


source orient-extreme


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